The goal of ROBMET is to bring together people, products and the appropriate knowledge in order to meet the expectations of all parties involved. These include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment. We acknowledge that social, economical and environmental responsibilities are part of our business and we strive to keep an open dialogue regarding the strategies, performance and management goals, in our commitment for a sustainable development.


Wanting to become a global supplier, ROBMET engaged itself during the 16 years of activity in supplying industrial valves in almost all fields of activity in Romania and abroad.

From the most common valve, with a reduced cost, to the more complex applications, we always provide a solution for every request.

With offices and logistic spaces of more than 450 sqm , with a storage facility with a total surface of 2000 sqm, built in May 2015, with our own fleet of trucks which ensures the delivery in 24 hours all over the country and in maximum 3 days anywhere in Europe, ROBMET ROMANIA continuously invests in it its own development.


Our development policy implemented over the years reverberates in the constant growth of the turnover, of the stocks, as well as of the clients who chose our services.


Ever since the beginning, we have acknowledged that the stock is an important part of the business, that is why, we have invested every year in the most complete range, no matter the type, size, material and class. At present, ROBMET ROMANIA has permanent stocks worth over 3.500.000 Euro.


Robmet ensures at the moment an average of 85% national coverage, related to the number of existing clients and their location. At the same time, our sales policy gives absolute priority to the foreign market, where the ultimate objective is to achieve a turnover compared to that obtained on the Romanian market.